*****Special Note*****

We are available on a case by case basis for personal tutoring/instruction. Please see contact info below. In class LTC instruction for the rest of the year is booked. Classes are now also available online. Click here for a list of providers. Once you have completed the online course you can contact us for the range portion. Also, if you are in the Georgetown area and seeking some excellent LTC and/or Basic Firearms training please contact my good friend Foy Watson at fwwatson111@gmail.com.

Welcome to the team. I'm Stuart, owner/instructor/chief range safety officer of Venture Team Shooting Sports. I am a Veteran, an NRA Certified Instructor and I am licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Texas License to Carry instructor. I am also a Federal Firearms Licensee and can handle internet transfers for $25 per gun (see the "Guns" page for more info). I do offer discounts for military, LEO's & other First Responders.

Feel free to browse around the site. You can contact me at hoplite@ventureteamshootingsports.com or 254.698.3189.