I am a former soldier and a 6 time war veteran. I am well trained in the use of several firearms. I've debated on getting my CHL for many reasons but primarily on finding an instructor that really knows  what they are doing. Stu is phenomenal! He is well trained, extremely knowledgeable and a hell of an instructor. His class was very thorough and provided more than just knowledge; he ensured that even the most experienced individuals were able to take away a true understanding of the law, procedures and training. I have been hesitant about my wife carrying. After attending Stu’s class, I have total confidence in enrolling her with Stu. I KNOW that she will receive quality training! Thank you Stu!

Mike B. (1SG, Ret)


Over the last year or so, I had really been considering getting my CHL. With so many horrible things going on in the world, I wanted a way to protect my family and myself. Considering I had never even shot a gun, I wasn't sure where to begin. I decided to sign up for Stu's CHL class...and I'm glad I did! Stu was very patient and made sure I completely understood everything I needed to know! Although it was a long day, it seemed to go quickly. Stu has a way of making even the less interesting parts more exciting and memorable! I left feeling very confident in the rules and skills I had learned that day! Now, I plan to keep honing the skills I learned! I honestly hope I never have to use them, but I feel prepared if the need ever arises!

Stacy B.


I am the type of person that automatically assumes everyone is "good". Two years ago our house was broken into and ransacked. I have never in my life felt so violated. At that moment I told my husband I wanted a gun, to make sure I could protect my family at all cost. So, my husband and I signed up to take the CHL class from Stu. Since I've taken the class, I feel like a new person. Stu is extremely safe and knowledgeable. He is such an experienced person and was able to explain just about any situation. I left the class with so much more knowledge and confidence. I now know that I could protect myself and my family, which is an awesome feeling as a mother and teacher. Although it was a long day, it was one of the best, most memorable days ever. Thank you Stu! You are contributing goodness and knowledge to the world!

Jenn H.



I have wanted to get my CHL for a while now but just haven’t taken the time to do so and honestly was dreading the 10 hr class. Stu made the information as interesting as possible while still getting all the information to the class. By the time the class was over I felt that I had a firm understanding of the information required to safely carry. There wasn't a question the class had that wasn't answered with confidence. It doesn't take long talking to Stu to know what a great instructor he is and I can assure you, all my future firearms training for myself and my family will be with Stu. Thank you for a great class I truly enjoyed it.

Todd R.